Loyalty Program

Create an account and earn $5
Refer a friend and earn $10 (with purchase)
Add your birthday and earn $5
Spend $50 earn $5
Spend $100 earn $10
Spend $250 earn $25
Watch for emails with double points days!
Points are earned shopping online and in store using your email address.
To check and redeem points in store: provide your email address at checkout and we'll be happy to check available points and apply them for you.
To check and redeem points online:
1.  From the homepage, click the purple star in the bottom right corner from a desktop or phone
2.  Login with the email and password that you use when shopping with Madison Boutique
3.  Once logged in, click the purple star again and the available discounts will show, copy the discount code for whichever discount you'd like to apply to your current order
4.  Use the code at the checkout screen in the "discount or gift card code" box

You can reach us by phone or by email to assist you with your account.